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20th January 2024

CSA 07 FC have joined forces with well known brand Oddballs to purchase a number of customised Bobble Hats. Not only will this allow our players to keep warm during the final winter months but the purchase will also support worthwhile charities as the clothing supplier aims to reach a significant target.Originally founded to raise awareness of Testicular Cancer, Oddballs now donate to, support and make underwear and other items of clothing for some brilliant charities, including Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust – and have donated over £850,000 since 2014. With an aim to donate over £1,000,000 to charities by early 2024.In support of this drive by Oddballs, and to help them reach their target sooner, CSA 07 FC have purchased 200 Bobble Hats across all age groups. Players, coaches and those supporting from the sidelines will be adorned in the club colours, displaying the Oddballs logo, team name and club badge.

CSA 07 FC remembers the service and sacrifice of all those that have defended our freedoms and protected our way of life

12th November 2023

Heading Footballs - update

3rd Aug 2021

In November 2019, CSA 07 FC published our own guidelines on heading footballs.

This month, the English Football Association have issued their own guidence which now applies across all youth football in this country - this flyer provides a useful summary.

We are pleased that this new information is almost identical to our own guidence. 

Heading Footballs - added 30th Nov 2019

A medical study was recently published which established a link between heading a football and an increase in the chances of developing dementia in later life. In light of this study, some medical professionals have called for heading a football to be banned for all junior players.

In some countries, based on previous research into this subject, steps have already been taken to limit heading for young people. In the USA, for example, heading is now banned for u11 players, and only limited heading (in training sessions) is allowed from u11’s – u13’s.

Recently, it has been reported that the Scottish FA are considering a similar ban. UEFA and FIFA have also been approached to incorporate this into the laws of the game. At the moment, the English Football Association has not declared their position but there is clearly a broadening consensus around this subject. There are currently a number of additional ongoing studies including several with the English Football Association and the English Premier League which are also looking into the impact of heading a football.

CSA 07 FC have assessed the information available to us on this subject at the moment and have come to the following decision. Immediately, we will introduce the following protocols at CSA 07 FC:

  1. There will be no training drills which involve heading for our younger age groups (up to u12's). We will occasionally teach our older age groups (u13’s – u17’s) how to head a ball using the correct technique in training sessions, but no player will be compelled to participate.
  2. We will check that footballs used on match days are inflated to the lowest recommended pressure level (i.e. there must be some give in the balls)
  3. We will always invoke the FA’s Concussion protocol – there will be no exceptions.
  4. Our coaches will never criticise any player if they don't head a ball.

    We will keep this situation under review. If more information becomes available, we may update our protocols and guidance to our coaches. The welfare of our players is our priority at CSA 07 FC. We will continue to adopt a conservative approach to this issue.

    We appreciate that this subject may provoke some strong opinion but our view is that we wish to make some small pragmatic changes which focus on the welfare of our players, whilst all the football authorities are considering their formal response.


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