Key club documents

This page is a reference point for all of our volunteers, parents / guardians and players for documents associated with the football club. If you have any questions regarding any of this information, please contact Simon Alston or Hesham Shaker.

1. CSA 07 FC  - Privacy policies

The following two documents describe the way in which our football club processes personal data for players, parents & guardians and managers & coaches. These privacy policies have been developed to ensure compliance with the recently introduced GDPR regulations.

2. Club membership form

This document should be completed for all new club members.

3. FA Youth Football Guide 

This document is an easy guide for all parents about how youth football works

4. Club insurances

The FA requires that all football clubs purchase Public Liability and Personal Accident Insurance for each season. These documents now relate to the 2023 / 24 season. If anyone believes they need to make a claim against one of these policies, please contact Simon Alston or Hesham Shaker

Personal Accident Insurance:

Public Liability Insurance:

5. Subscriptions

This document provides details of our subscription model plus the bank account details for all payments for the 2023 / 24 season.

6. Club policies

a. Codes of conducts - for Players, Spectators and Coaches / Team Managers / Club Officials

b. Anti-Bullying

e. Equality

c. Safeguarding Children

d. Photography

6. Concussion

Whilst this may not be considered a "policy", we feel this reference guide from the English Football Association is worth sharing.

The identification of potential concussion in young players is a joint responsibility between coaches / managers and parents.

We hope this is a useful background document on the subject.