The club is run by a brilliant set of volunteers who all have children playing at our football club

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15th July 2024

Every volunteer has a valid DBS accreditation 

There is a FA trained coach and an Emergency First aider with each age group

We have a dedicated Child Welfare Offer and up to date Child Safeguarding policies and procedures

Each year we produce a short end of season newsletter, providing the latest news from the club and a few highlights from the season.

Here is our 2024 newsletter.

8th March 2024

New players wanted - this season's under 8's.

If you are interested, please contact:

CSA 07 FC launches girls football initiative

9th October 2023

On Thursday 5th October, CSA 07 delivered its first ever girls-only training session at Park House School on their 3G pitch.

The club has always welcomed girls in all of their age groups squads, but the club felt that it was now important to offer sessions catering only for girls, to reflect the huge growth in women's football that we're now seeing with the regular TV coverage of the Women's Super League and with the recent success of the England national team, the Lionesses.

If you have a daughter/friend/relative, who is still at primary school, and who would like to attend the club's new training sessions which will run every Thursday 18:00 - 19:00 at Park House School, please contact Jane Sirs for more details.

All sessions are conducted by existing club coaches, all of whom are accredited with the FA and have the required DBS and Safeguarding Children accreditation. 

We look forward to welcoming more girls to our training and developing the squad.

CSA 07 FC Boot Swap

5th October 2023

CSA 07 have launched a Boot Swap Facebook page to allow parents and players to exchange boots for FREE which they have outgrown. As well as saving parents money (!), this also has a great sustainability benefit buy stoppingf these items going to landfill.

If you'd like to join the group, please go to:

When do we train?


  • Our season runs from late August to early May, with training and summer tournaments running up to early July. 


  • All age groups train on a Friday night either on grass or Astro pitches, the timings and venues vary depending on the age groups and the time of year.


  • Our club aims to provide footballing opportunities for players with all levels of technical footballing ability.


  • We want to help young people understand the value of team work, respect for coaches and opponents, working hard, listening to instructions and developing what we hope will be a life long enjoyment of “the beautiful game”.

Where are we based?


CSA 07 FC have three training bases;  Park House School, St. Bartholomews School and Trinity School. We would like to thank both schools for their continued support of our club and the provision of excellent facilities. 


Match days

For the 2023 / 24 season, we currently use pitches at the following venues:

  1. Park House School - Andover Road, Newbury RG14 6NQ
  2. St. Bartholomew's School - Andover Road, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 6JP
  3. Trinity School - Love Lane, Newbury RG14 2DU
  4. Wash Common Park - Wash Common, Newbury, Berks, RG14 6QX (Battle Road entrance) or RG14 6NX (Battery End entrance)
  5. City Recreation Ground (City Playgound): Newbury, Berkshire (various entrances) RG14 6DB (Hampton Road) or RG14 6DD (Rectory Close) or RG14 7AE (Wendan Road off Andover Road A343)
  6. Boxford Recreation Ground - Rood Hill, Newbury, Berks, RG20 8DD
  7. Greeham Diamond - Pigeons Farm Road, Greenham, Newbury RG19 8XG

Our philosophy

At CSA 07, we want children to enjoy playing football, learning new skills, making new friends and becoming active in a safe environment.

We want our coaches to enjoy seeing each individual develop and mature in their own way and at their own speed.

We want our parents to support our coaches with the different football and life skills that they are teaching the children and to also enjoy watching their children play in a safe and enjoyable enviroment.

At CSA 07 FC, we fully support the FA's Respect code of conduct. 


Originally launched in the 2008-09 season, the campaign’s new mantra of ‘We Only Do Positive’ aims to improve behaviour on touchlines across the country by raising awareness of Respect among a new generation of parents, coaches, volunteers and players.


The FA’s Respect programme aims to educate parents and coaches on their roles in creating a fun, safe and inclusive environment for players to ensure the campaign is embraced throughout the age groups and result in sustained participation from players and volunteers alike. 


We would encourage all parents / guardians to read the booklet (opposite) recently produced by the FA and to also remember that: 


  • Children play for fun
  • Coaches are volunteers
  • Referees make mistakes
  • If parents coach from the sidelines, players will get confused

Our sponsors

We are very grateful to the following local businesses who have supported our club with corporate sponsorship over the last few years. You can find out more about each of these companies here.

If you would be interested in providing sponsorship to our club, please contact Simon Alston.

Thank you.