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How we run our club

CSA 07 FC is a registered charity and there are currently 4 charity trustees - these trustees set and drive the strategic direction of the football club.

We also operate a Coaches Committee onto which we invite all of our age group managers and coaches. This is the team who are responsibile for the weekly operational arrangements e.g. planning and running training sessions, arranging fixtures, planning pitch allocations and arranging referree's.

Simon Alston

Chairperson and Trustee

Toby Tyler

Secretary and Trustee

Mike Durbridge

Vice Chairperson and Trustee

Simon Tang

Treasurer and Trustee

The CSA 07 FC coaching team for 2020 / 21 season

Each of our age groups have a dedicated manager who takes responsibility for the main administrative tasks that are needed during the season - registration of players, arranging fixtures etc. There will also be a defined person or persons who will take training sessions on a Friday night and there will be a group of individuals who will be in charge of supporting the teams on a match day.

As you will see from the table below, the way this works is different across each age group but this reflects the time available from each of our volunteers and their interests. Some of our volunteers also have to balance their children playing across different age groups at our football club (and sometimes at other clubs!) which adds some further complexity.

However, the club works on the principle that everyone in the community supports each other and we work hard to ensure that we provide football to our players each week.

Table being updated for 2020/21 season...

Age group

 (as at 21st Aug 2019)

Team name

Age group manager

Coaches (for training sessions)

Match day managers

Match day league

Under 6 years old

CSA 07 Pioneers

Duncan Shearer, Abi Dancey

Duncan Shearer



under 7's

CSA 07 Sparrows

Richard Dancey

Richard Dancey, Nick Herne

Richard Dancey

Reading & West Berkshire League

under 8's

CSA 07 Crusaders

Mark Sanderson

Mark Sanderson, Sergio Pozo, Tom Meir

Mark Sanderson, Mike Durbridge, others tbc

Reading & West Berkshire League

under 9's

CSA 07 Dragons

CSA 07 Wizards

Carl Williams

Carl Williams, Hesham Shaker

Carl Williams, Hesham Shaker

Reading & West Berkshire League

under 10's

CSA 07 Fire Red

CSA 07 Fire White

Mike Durbridge

Karl Gilbert, Gary Crittenden, Alex Wren

Mike Durbridge / Gary Crittenden  / Alex Wren

Reading & West Berkshire League

under 11's

CSA 07 Hawks

CSA 07 Falcons

Steve Smith

Steve Smith, Simon Alston

Hawks: Steve Smith, Simon Alston

Falcons: James Lecky

Reading & West Berkshire League

under 12's

CSA 07 Panthers

Toby Ellis

Toby Ellis, Damian Lloyd, Lee Weatherhead

Toby Ellis, Damian Lloyd, Lee Weatherhead

Reading & West Berkshire League

under 13's

CSA 07 Barca

Richard Dancey

Paul Foad, Richard Dancey

Paul Foad, Richard Dancey

Reading & West Berkshire League

under 14's

CSA 07 Galacticos

Brian Avery

Brian Avery, Matt Danon-Kerr

Brian Avery, Matt Danon-Kerr

Peter Houseman League

under 15's

CSA 07 Bayern

Jane Sirs

Neil Garner, Mark Nailor

Neil Garner

Peter Houseman League

under 17's

CSA 07 Strikers

Mike Argent / Ray Allison

Ray Allison / Mike Argent 

Ray Allison / Mike Argent

Peter Houseman League

Other key officials:

Honorary President: Penny Hewitt

If you would like to contact any of the age group managers regarding playing opportunites for your son or daughter, please contact Simon Alston or Toby Tyler., Secretary (

About CSA 07 FC 

CSA 07 Football Club is a charity and it has been entered onto the Register of Charities with the Registered Charity Number 1178637. CSA 07 Football Club is established for charitable purposes only for the public benefit.

The objects of the charity are "the promotion of community participation in healthy recreation for the benefit of the inhabitants of West Berkshire and Hampshire by the provision of facilities for playing football".


Simon Alston

CSA 07 FC chairperson

t:  (07899) 870317


Toby Tyler

CSA 07 FC secretary


t: (07848) 929555


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